Turkey Free Christmas?!?!

Shock horror, I know! This Christmas there will be no turkey on our dinner table. No golden brown bird, center stage, the smell and heat mingling together, caressing people to their Christmas feast. So you ask, why am I so against conventional Christmases? Well, my vegetarian cousin is spending Christmas with us, therefore for a whole week we will join her in her lifestyle choice. The passionate cook I am, I began researching turkey substitutes, which was a massive error, resulting in a sprawl of very unappetising, dog-food looking “Lentil (meat) -loaf-like square chunks. Hastily clicking away, I simply searched “Vegetarian recipe blogs” and up popped dozens of beautifully displayed websites, explaining recipes step-by-step with photography that made me want to lick the screen. I was sucked into this world of vegetarian bloggers and their adventures with cooking for 3 hours, bookmarking as many recipes as possible. It made me hopeful and feel more adventurous towards cooking this Christmas and swept away any doubt around the variety and flavor around vegetarian cooking. Christmas doesn’t have to be a meat-fest to be enjoyable, don’t forget the salads, roast veggies and thousands of pies, tarts and cakes are all meat-free!

I have left some links below for some great special diet recipe blogs that you should check out and they might help if you are ever doing an alternate food Christmas feast!

Only Ten days to go!


Love and Lemons – A cute, dainty website with interesting meal ideas


Thug Kitchen – a hilariously to-the-point “no bullshit” blog with some great finds


Vegan and Gluten Free

Green Kitchen Stories – Easy layout and mouth-watering photography


Oh She Glows – A vegan blog with super quick and easy recipes



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